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The Places You’ll Go!!!

  • Step 1
  • Find a place.

  • Step 2
  • Open a private space. Private rooms will remain open for 24 hrs or until you close them.

  • Step 3
  • Share the room link to invite friends. You can share the link on social networks, but be sure to limit your key to welcomed guests for private parties or intimate gatherings.

  • Tips

    Once you have created a private space, you can change the scene by using the room menu located in the top left corner without having to create a new room.

    Search tags by city (nyc) , room name (The Loft) , or theme (Music).

    Search by username to locate places designed by your favorite Creators.

    Use Tag Remix to search places you can customize with Scene Editor.

    Any MyWorld domains you discover in your travels are live. You can type them into your browser to find secret locations, events, and additional scenes not always listed here (e.g.